Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Dane!

November 28th, 2008 Dane was born. He came into this world after 15 hours of labor, born at home as my first successful VBAC. Dane came into our lives and hearts and has kept them so warm ever since. He is our 2nd born, just 6 weeks shy of being 3 years apart from his older brother.

He healed me knowing my body wasn't broken. His birth was long and but definitely wonderful. We have since moved out of the house he was born in. I'm still torn about that. We were outgrowing the house but leaving the home I had him in, tore at my heart. It still does. I miss it a lot. I know it seems silly to some but the connection to when you birth your child at home (to me at least) is strong to the house.

Anyways, today he is 2. Two! It's so crazy to think that time has flown by so quickly. He was 1 week late, due on my husbands birthday but decided to hold out for his own. We called his birthday (honestly we have with all 3 boys birthdays too!) and he decided Black Friday would be an awesome day. I did my shopping online while in early labor. So we didn't miss out too much on some great deals :)

I just can't believe he's 2! I can't. He's so bright and ever since he gave up his bink his vocabulary has just taken off. He talks in 3-4 word sentences, he asks for things directly instead of grunting. He picks up words daily and is just amazing. Definitely still our chunkamunk. His 2 year well child check up is on the 1st, so we'll know his for sure weight and height then. He was 30lbs on our scale but that has a mind of its own.

Oh gee what else. He loves both his brothers, so gentle with Bishop and tackles Gage. He doesn't up with his crap haha. They now have bunk beds so he's in his big boy bed. Loves Woody and Buzz, Ni Hao Ki-Lan, Dora and Diego (Which he calls go-go) and is in love with Trains. As well as cars. We bought him 2 Thomas DVD's ($5 a piece, you can't beat that) and a ni hao ki-lan color wonder as well as a 140ct mega blok set. He'll be in tot heaven. He loves to watch The Polar Express because of the Choo-Choo Train.

My baby boy is two! I am so thankful that this birthday he is healthy! Happy Birthday to my sweet snuggle bug chunkamunk trouble. You came into this world and brought such joy to us all. You continue to do the same every day, even when you are being a little goob. Your giggles and full out big belly laughs are contagious as well as your gorgeous smile. You will do great things on this earth baby boy. I am proud to be your mama and I know daddy is proud to be your daddy. Your brothers love you dearly. Stay you Dane, you will do great things.

An hour old

6 months old

His 1st birthday

1 1/2 years old!

And TWO!

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